If you’ve chosen a holiday, weekend break or overnight experience for your next prize promotion or incentive, you’ve already made one important step toward a successful outcome. It’s not necessarily about offering something that people can’t organise for themselves – although sometimes the prize has so much ‘wow factor’, they really can’t. It’s the time saved doing it, it’s not having to find that extra bit of cash and, even if they had all that, it’s having everything taken care of by an expert prize winner manager, providing a 24 hour concierge service and a real VIP experience.

Ultimately don’t forget that it’s all coming from you, because your winner won’t. It was you that gave them the ticket to ride, and when they’re sipping Champagne overlooking the Eiffel Tower, enjoying the fruits of a tapas masterclass in Barcelona, or watching the sunset from a Manhattan rooftop – your brand will be right there, leading their experience.

Start trading in this powerful currency and you’ve taken your product and your message a long way into people’s lives. You are giving customers and staff something very special, and laying down the building blocks of association between happiness, good times and your brand.

The photo in the living room serves as a reminder that it was your brand that turned them into winners and gave them a prize experience they will never forget – a short moment in time that buys you some pretty heavyweight loyalty.

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