Staff & Sales Team Incentives

If you’re looking to a run a promotion, boost sales or reward your staff for their tremendous work, holiday incentives are the way to go.

Incentivising and engaging your team

With the pressure always on to drive sales and performance in the workplace, incentives are an essential part of rewarding and encouraging success. We work with our clients to create targeted incentives that align with their brand ethos, inspire their teams, and provide cost-effective ways to power engagement.

Whether it’s a group travel incentive to build relationships with key stakeholders, a once-in-a-lifetime holiday for a stellar staff member, or the latest gadgets for a top-performing sales team, we’ll create a unique solution that’s tailored to your needs and expertly delivered with your audience in mind.

With backgrounds in events, entertainment and travel, our talented team are full of fresh ideas to motivate yours.

Employee Incentives

We all know that engaged and motivated employees deliver the best results, and we’re full of ideas for incentives to keep your team on track. Whether you need individual performance-based rewards or full team incentives, we’ll help you to celebrate your valued employees with tailored solutions at any budget.

Trade + Customer Incentives

Incentivising trade and retail partners is just as crucial as motivating your own sales team. Whether it’s bartenders or store staff, we know how to get these teams onside and ensure they are the perfect ambassadors for your brand. Whatever your goal, we’ll help you create buzz with targeted incentives that lift you above your competitors.

Showcase Brand Heritage

Incentive trips offer the perfect opportunity to immerse your staff and stakeholders in your brand and its history. Whether that means a VIP trip to a flagship store, visits to a distillery or brewery, or an exclusive outdoor dinner in a vineyard, we’ll help you to showcase your brand heritage with a bespoke itinerary of relevant and inspiring experiences or holiday incentive.

Thanks again for making an absolutely incredible incentive prize for our sales team here at Sky. They truly loved it!

— Ayesha – Sales Performance – SKY UK


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