Our dedicated winner management team will look after your prize winners from start to finish, providing support and expert advice throughout the whole process.

With a shared love of travel and a desire to go the extra mile, our number one concern is ensuring that your prize winners have a great time and return home with glowing feedback. We understand that each winner is unique and will do our best to be flexible to arrange the trip of their dreams.

We’ll make contact within 24 hours in your winner’s preferred language, liaise with winners to confirm their preferred travel dates, make all of their travel bookings on their behalf, provide full travel documentation and then follow up with winner feedback and images once the prize is fulfilled for maximum ROI.

The team also fulfil products, technology, vouchers, giftcards and once-in-a-lifetime experiences all around the world.

Want to find out what we can do for you? Click here or give us a call on +44 (0)20 8871 9959 to get in touch and we’ll get to work!

How we can help

  • Contact made within 24 hours
  • All communication in winner’s preferred language
  • A 24 hour helpline for travellers
  • Expert travel advice and support
  • Branded travel documents
  • Full feedback & follow up

Switched on, very reliable and great to work with, sums it up…

It would be a pleasure to work with you again in the future.