We provided expert travel logistics to ensure an unforgettable Trolls prize experience for over 200 winners at Poppy’s Coronation Party.

The Brief

Manage the travel and accommodation logistics for 200 competition winners and influencers visiting the UK for a once-in-a-lifetime Trolls Coronation Party event.

The Solution

Our client wanted to organise a money-can’t-buy prize experience to engage consumers in the Trolls franchise. The brand development team were looking to invite 200 competition winners and influencers from across EMEA markets to Poppy’s Coronation Party – a Trolltastic, glitterific gala – at Allington Castle in Kent. They needed support from our experienced group travel team to help with the travel and accommodation logistics surrounding the event.

Our group travel team arranged the flights, accommodation and event transfers for over 50 families and key influencers from across EMEA travelling to the UK for the exclusive event. Our multilingual team worked directly with the individual EMEA markets and handled all of the communication with the winners and influencers, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for all guests.

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